Monday, September 14, 2009

My 2nd Birthday Party!

Jenn and Eric threw me a birthday party yesterday for my 2nd birthday. It was so cool.
My friends Niamh, Ambrose, Ruby, Oscar and Trudy came and we got to run around in my yard.Ambrose and Niamh really liked my yard. Ambrose has gotten almost as big as me!Bernie went to cool off under the stairs and have some quiet time. He does this sometimes.Shane came and he was very nice to all the dogs. He is very dog savvy.Ruby is my prettiest Aussie girlfriend. We played special Aussie games then she told me off.Everyone got special ruffle bandanas made by Jenn's mom. We all looked so cute, especially me! You can get special bandanas too at
Then we ate cake! Jenn made a two level carrot cake just for dogs decorated with Innova Healthbars and Solid Gold Tiny Tots. Wow! There were two candles on my cake and everyone sang. Oscar really wanted to take the first bite.
But we had to wait while it was all cut up so everybody got some.Then we got to eat it up. Jenn used the recipe on this page.Big Sandy wanted to eat my piece, so Jenn had to make sure we all got our share.I felt bad to miss my girlfriends Mona (who is vacationing in Canada) and Sky (whose person Jesse just had knee surgery). I hope I get to play with them soon.

Now my real birthday is actually September 20th. Jenn says that her nephew Caldwell and niece Kaufman will be throwing another party for me on Sunday. I can't wait!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm a Bandana Supermodel!!

Check out my latest occupation! I'm a bandana model for Jing A Ling Dog Bandanas. And there is Big Sandy and Bernie too.
Jenn's mom Sue started making these super cool bandanas as a fundraiser for 4-H Paws N Pals Club in Maryland and it has turned into a new internet business. Sue handmakes each collar and they have little jingles inside, so Jenn always knows where I am. Check out my many poses including this one which is my softer side...
Here is my more serious side...
After a quick wardrobe change, here is my far away glace because I know that I'm not getting paid enough for doing this. Every model has to learn how to give that look.I hope I get to be featured much more prominently, after all, modeling is in my blood. My daddy Jake is a supermodel.

So check out the Jing A Ling Dog Bandana site. I'm on the "ruffle collar" page.