Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jenn's vacation at Brosnan Forest

While Jenn is away, I'm staying at Bed and Bone with Big Sandy. I am so jazzed about getting to sniff and wiggle my butt at all the other puppies here. I will be happy to see Jenn and Eric! Bernie is staying with Laura, Anthony and Mona, so I miss him too. I can't imagine what is so interesting without me on the trip. I would have certainly made things even more enjoyable. Anyway, Jenn says that she is enjoying herself biking, hiking, and boating in Brosnan Forest in South Carolina. She says Brosnan Forest is a very special place to see herons, egrets, etc. They have two nesting pairs of bald eagles and many other types of birds including the endangered red cockaded woodpecker. The only puppies allowed are the 50 dogs used to assist in turkey and deer hunts during hunting season. The dogs are very well cared for by their trainer named Mike. He and Jenn talked about dog training and she saw pointers, Brittney spaniels, English setters, Llewellyn setters, and wired haired pointers. The dogs are chosen for their individual hunting abilities and their strong desire to work with people. They are all well socialized, healthy, and love to work. Jenn was very impressed. She's going to post some pictures when she gets back.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm nine months old and thinking outside the box

I could just roll over with excitement! I am nine months old today and I am so proud to say that I'm sleeping outside my crate at night. Jenn says that I've earned more freedom and as long as I'm a good puppy, I can continue to sleep in their bedroom on the floor. I'm going to try my best to not get into things that aren't mine and hold my bladder all night long. Jenn says that even though I look all grown up, she and Eric still need to help me make decisions and provide guidance because I am an adolescent, not yet an adult. Be careful not to give your puppy more responsibility than they can handle during this time of our lives. We puppies need you to manage us, particularly when we start having more freedom. Jenn keeps a close eye on me most of the time. I like that she looks out for me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All About Animals Summer Quest

On Monday, I went to Cary Academy with Jenn as part of their All About Animals Summer Quest. This was the first time Jenn asked me to come with her on an educational adventure. Jenn talked about dog training, and how to use rewards instead of punishments to train puppies and dogs. Everyone was so kind to me and I just felt compelled to wiggle my butt! Thanks to Leslie, who teaches and organizes the program. Jenn said that I could go on more visits and become certified to participate in animal assisted therapy like Big Sandy and Bernie, but only if I really enjoyed going out and visiting people. Big Sandy is going to an English as a Second Language summer camp tomorrow. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Creative Exercise

Hey-check out my latest creative way of getting more exercise!! Jenn thinks I have some pretty acrobatic maneuvers going on.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dude, I'm HOT! Keep your puppy cool...

102 degrees. Jenn says that is the forecast for today. This is not conducive to my normal routines of puppy play and activity. So, Jenn's been taking me to the park along with Bernie and Big Sandy way early in the morning. Even at 7am it has been near 80 degrees and Jenn has to watch that I don't overdo it. When we get home, my new favorite spot is hanging out by the air vent the rest of the day. Cool air blows right on me. Eric gives me ice cubes to chew on and makes sure I have access to lots of water during the day. Be sure to take extra care of your puppy in the heat. It's so important to give us cool, clean water and shelter inside when the weather is so hot.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Puppies Get Freedom!

I have discovered that our house has a second floor! It's amazing and it has been there all along. Jenn and Eric have been renovating the house since I've been here and the upstairs has been off limits to puppies. This is where their office is and there were lots of electrical cords and wires that had to be configured so they are safe from puppy mouths. She put all the plants behind a barrier so they are safe for now too. I like to dig in the pots! What fun! I'm very happy to be able to have more freedom. Jenn says that I've been such a good puppy that I get the reward of more access to the house. She says as long as I'm a good pup, I can get more privileges and more freedom.

You can help your puppy to learn about respecting all rooms of the house by making sure that all rooms that your puppy has access to are "puppy proofed". In other words, things in their place and anything enticing to put in a puppy mouth is up, up and away. As your puppy matures, you can give them more and more freedom when they demonstrate that they have earned it. In other words, not going potty in the house, just chewing my own toys and not getting into things that don't belong to puppies. Make it easy for us and put your stuff off our level.

It can also be helpful to feed your puppy meals in each new room, so they learn that all rooms of the house are "clean" and not for doing #1 or #2. Puppies will not usually use the bathroom where they eat or sleep so doing mealtimes in other parts of the house can be educational.