Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All About Animals Summer Quest

On Monday, I went to Cary Academy with Jenn as part of their All About Animals Summer Quest. This was the first time Jenn asked me to come with her on an educational adventure. Jenn talked about dog training, and how to use rewards instead of punishments to train puppies and dogs. Everyone was so kind to me and I just felt compelled to wiggle my butt! Thanks to Leslie, who teaches and organizes the program. Jenn said that I could go on more visits and become certified to participate in animal assisted therapy like Big Sandy and Bernie, but only if I really enjoyed going out and visiting people. Big Sandy is going to an English as a Second Language summer camp tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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Chris said...

Hi, Sandy! Thank you for coming to visit us at the ESL Summer School. We had a good time. Today we wrote letters for Jen about Sandy. You will get them soon!


Ms. Livingstone's Summer School class