Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jenn's vacation at Brosnan Forest

While Jenn is away, I'm staying at Bed and Bone with Big Sandy. I am so jazzed about getting to sniff and wiggle my butt at all the other puppies here. I will be happy to see Jenn and Eric! Bernie is staying with Laura, Anthony and Mona, so I miss him too. I can't imagine what is so interesting without me on the trip. I would have certainly made things even more enjoyable. Anyway, Jenn says that she is enjoying herself biking, hiking, and boating in Brosnan Forest in South Carolina. She says Brosnan Forest is a very special place to see herons, egrets, etc. They have two nesting pairs of bald eagles and many other types of birds including the endangered red cockaded woodpecker. The only puppies allowed are the 50 dogs used to assist in turkey and deer hunts during hunting season. The dogs are very well cared for by their trainer named Mike. He and Jenn talked about dog training and she saw pointers, Brittney spaniels, English setters, Llewellyn setters, and wired haired pointers. The dogs are chosen for their individual hunting abilities and their strong desire to work with people. They are all well socialized, healthy, and love to work. Jenn was very impressed. She's going to post some pictures when she gets back.

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Niamh said...


I am so sorry that you didn't get to go on vacation with Jenn and Eric. It is cruelty to animals!! But I know you are having a good time at Bed and Bone. Hope to have a chance to play with you in the dog park.

Your friend,