Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dude, I'm HOT! Keep your puppy cool...

102 degrees. Jenn says that is the forecast for today. This is not conducive to my normal routines of puppy play and activity. So, Jenn's been taking me to the park along with Bernie and Big Sandy way early in the morning. Even at 7am it has been near 80 degrees and Jenn has to watch that I don't overdo it. When we get home, my new favorite spot is hanging out by the air vent the rest of the day. Cool air blows right on me. Eric gives me ice cubes to chew on and makes sure I have access to lots of water during the day. Be sure to take extra care of your puppy in the heat. It's so important to give us cool, clean water and shelter inside when the weather is so hot.
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