Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life with the Butlers in Pennsylvania

So Jenn and I lived with the Butler family in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania for five months last year.  Their place was so awesome!!  Not only did I have more family members to keep track of, I got to hang out with Mister the Cat and Holly the Newf.  Fun ensued!
Jenn was very proud that I learned to be around Mister in a calm way.  She said that Mister learned pretty quickly that he was in charge.  He sure was fun to be around and eventually he came into our room and slept near me.
Mister and I became good buddies and I loved living with so many different beings to keep track off.  Jenn and I went power-walking with Kim (Jenn's sister) every day.  Even when I got really cold!  Jenn got a new coat that kept her warmer.  
Holly and I monitored all kitchen activity.  Both Jim (Kim's husband) and Jenn cooked up a storm.  It was very important to keep track of what was going on for any potential assistance that I would need to give. 
I also found many places to sleep while Jenn and Kim worked together during the day.  Jenn was learning some new skills so that she could work for Kim's business, The URL Dr., helping other small businesses market themselves with super cool websites, etc.  It was great because Jenn was always with me and I got to just relax. 

My time in Mercersburg was wonderful. The saddest part was losing my friend Holly not long after we left Mercersburg.  She was a good dog, a good friend and I'm glad we got to live together.  I sure will miss her!!