Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playtime with Mona

I went to go visit my best girlfriend Mona this morning. Jenn had a lesson near her house, so she coordinated a playtime.
Mona is so much fun! We wrestled and ran around her yard and played tug with her Kong rope toy. Oh, and I got really dirty too. Jenn brushed me out when we got home and helped me clean myself up a bit. She mentioned that I'm "blowing my coat". For dogs like me that have a "massive" undercoat, we lose it twice a year and shed a lot during those times. And I mean a lot...

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Niamh said...

You two are doing excellent tug and bitey face games. They could have used you as an example of good play at the APDT Conference Play Symposium. We should all get together someday for a nice playdate.

Your friend,