Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a Canine Good Citizen!

I passed my Canine Good Citizen Test last night! Jenn says she is very proud of me. I did especially well on Test #2 Sitting politely for petting and Test #3 Grooming and Appearance. I didn't do so well on Test #10 Supervised Separation. Jenn left the room and I heard other people and dogs having fun out on the agility fields and that was really frustrating to listen to. So I whined and barked, which is not acceptable to do during Supervised Separation. The evaluator, Sharon, let me try again in another room and I then did fine.

I came home and celebrated with a belly rub!
So what's next for me? Jenn says we're going to re-take Agility 1. Then we'll work on getting ready for Therapy Dog testing. She wants the extra practice and she thinks that agility classes will be easier for me since I've been neutered. Agility is very exciting and it is very hard for me to stay calm when all those other dogs are running around. We'll see how I do. Jenn says my girlfriend Mona will be in the class too. I can show off and wiggle my butt at her.


Unknown said...

We passed our CGC on Wednesday night. I haven't wrote about it on our blog yet but we are so excited!!

CONGRATS on yours!!

Ayla said...

Congratulations Royal!

I missed all the fun, but Ruby told me about it. Good job!

Your friend, Ayla

The Musketeers said...

Congrats ! :D

Niamh said...

Congratulations Royal!! It is great that you have letters after your name now.

Your friend,