Saturday, May 30, 2009

My new friend Buster the kitty

Jenn and Eric took me over to Aron and Alexandra's house last night. I met a new friend Buster the kitty. He is so interesting and fascinating! I have never been so close to a kitty before. He even came right up to and rubbed his face onto mine. How cool is that?
I've got to tell you that secretly I was hoping that Buster might run from me and we could play chase. But Jenn says that kitties are not for chasing. I must be kind and gentle to kitties or they will not want to be my friends. So we played the sniff each other's butts game instead.
So can cats and dogs really get along? That depends on the individual cat and dog. Puppies need to be raised from a young age to respect kitties and other pets and to learn that chasing them is not appropriate. Kitties need to feel safe around dogs so they will not run (which can flip on the chase/prey instinct in some dogs).

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