Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Toy-Polly Pig!!

Jenn and Eric are finally home from Jenn's big trip to the Association of Pet Dog Trainer conference in California. Jenn presented this year doing talks on the TTouch Method and her work with the North Star Foundation, training dogs for children with autism. She was very happy with how she did, she learned a lot from the other speakers and presentations and she met some other super nice trainers. The best thing about APDT, if you ask me, is that Jenn likes to splurge a bit and buy new toys and bring them home for me to try out. This years winner is Tuffy's Polly Pig.Tuffy's toys are made with multiple layers of industrial grade luggage material to be extra super tough. They are rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the toughest made. Polly Pig is a 7. They are also more expensive than your average stuffed toys, ranging from about $15-$30. Let's see if they are worth it.Let's put this pig to the test. First impressions are that Polly is certainly an attractive pink piggy with daisy flowers all over.I try out her foot first and the material feels really good to chew on but I can tell already this is going to be a long term project.Next the ear which is probably the most vulnerable part of the pig, or so you would think.And now I'll try to chew her butt. Boy! This is one tough pig. I have yet to find a squeaker in Polly Pig, but my overall impressions are very positive, even without squeakers. I am happy to add Polly to my toy basket and it seems like she is going to be around for while.

Tuffy's are available nationwide and online. You can check out the other products made by Tuffy's here.


Niamh said...

Hi Royal,

Barbara was at that conference too and came home with a big bag of treats and toys. But not a polly pig! She must have missed that and Ambrose certainly could of used one of those tuffy toys because he has already destroyed the new Wubba! You really put that pig to the test. Maybe you could get a job with Consumer Reports.

I am going to be testing out all the new treats tomorrow. I will let you know which ones are the best.

Your friend,

Unknown said...

Hi Royal,

I've not seen you for a while. Looks like Jenn is better from that nasty Lyme Disease bout.

I want one of these pigs, too, because I love anything with daisies on it.

My mom hopes that Jenn will be teaching classes soon. She thinks it's time for me to become a Canine Good Citizen.

Your friend,
Daisy Swanson