Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toilet Paper Madness!

Jet has a new game! She waits for someone to leave the hallway bathroom door open and she unfurls the toilet paper roll all over the house at supersonic speed. Totally fun! But Jenn doesn't want to encourage her, so she is taking steps to manage and curtail Jet's toilet paper habits. First, everyone tries to remember to shut the door, so Jet isn't tempted into toilet paper madness when no one is watching. Jenn also put the toilet roll up high, so if Jet does go into the bathroom, she can't unfurl the paper from the holder. Jenn says that should handle things, unless Jet figures out how to open the door by herself (I can tell you that she's tried that already).

Your puppy may need your help in restraining themselves from little habits like Jet's. Good puppy management, supervision, and giving lots of proper toys can help a lot.


Niamh said...

I like to tear up the roll once all the paper is off of it but I am not allowed to unroll it. Have fun.

Your friend,

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Oh gosh!!! That sounds crazy!!! Ace got a paper roll once, but funny thing, he didn't tear it. I think what happened is he saw that SOMEONE did not put it on properly and instead left it on the floor, and he was like what...where did this come from?!?!?!
So he brought it out to me in the family room!!
Lets just say no one is getting away with not changing the roll properly anymore with my little toilet paper watch dog...hahaha!!!
Good Luck with the toilet paper shredding!!
We watch Ace like a hawk so he never gets an opportunity to destroy anything. It can sometimes be a pain when you are always like...where is Ace? Where is Ace???
But it is worth it!!!!