Saturday, August 14, 2010

Puppy Playdate with a Whippet

So first of all, I would just like to mention that Jet has been a little crazy puppy lately. Having to be inside because of the heat doesn't help. She has lots of pent up energy. The other issue is that her usual playmates Mona and Joey are out of town. So that means Jet bugs me all the time to play and frankly, I just don't want to play all the time. I like to play a bit, then take a long nap next to the air vent, then maybe play again later and then another long nap. This is not Jet's schedule. She's ready to play all the time.
So Jenn and Jet had a playdate with a new friend today, Zoe the Whippet and her person Deb. Whippets are sighthounds, which means they hunt by keen vision and incredible speed. They have large chests and long legs and look like small greyhounds. They are very social dogs and love to play chase games, so Zoe might be a great new friend for Jet.Zoe is very pretty and has a brindle coat, kind of like tiger stripes. Whippets can be many different colors, from white to black to red and everything inbetween. Jet was ready to sniff Zoe all over and thought she was a very cute puppy too.Then they got to romp and run. Whippets are way fast! No, I mean waayy fast. And way too fast for Jet. That speed helps a Whippet capture game, like rabbits. But Jet sure gave it all her effort. She ran herself ragged trying to catch Zoe. They became fast friends (no pun intended). Finding an appropriate, social playmate for your puppy is a great way to manage lots of adolescent puppy energy. I hope Jet gets to play with Zoe again soon!

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