Friday, January 20, 2012

Sirius Puppy Training Initiative!! A Call to Action!!

I am one lucky pup! And I know it. That's me at 10 weeks old! At 10 weeks, I was already housetrained, already chew toy trained, anyone could clip my nails and groom me, I'd met tons of other humans including children and I knew basic commands. I'm not bragging, that was all thanks to my breeder Katrina. I know how fortunate I was to be born to a responsible breeder that cared so much about early socialization, gentling/handling, making sure I was developing mentally and physically healthy. So when I went to my new puppy parents, I was already on the right track. I know how fortunate I was for knowledgeable humans like Jenn and Eric to adopt me, and provide training, support, and gentle guidance from the first day they brought me into their home. They continued with training, socialization, and giving me everything I needed to grown into a physically and mentally adaptive and stable adult. I was lucky. But many, many puppies are not as lucky as I've been. They don't get the best start in life. Some are born in backyards or into puppy mills with tiny cages with little or not human contact or support.
Some are adopted to humans that don't know how to teach puppies what they need to live successfully with humans, like to chew the right things, how to housetrain, or the importance of gentle handling and social experiences outside the home. By the time these puppies hit 6 months old, they have behavioral problems, sometimes big ones.
Wouldn't it be great to get the right information out to breeders, vets, trainers and new puppy parents, so that every puppy gets the best start in life??
The SIRIUS Puppy Training Initiative promotes a preventive educational program for breeders, vets, pet stores, trainers and new puppy owners about giving all puppies the best start in life and so that it becomes commonplace for prospective puppy owners to learn how to select and raise a puppy before they select and raise a puppy.

Any successful puppy raising program depends getting the right information out about maintaining errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training programs (which also prevents excessive barking and separation anxiety), to continue safely socializing their puppies with people at home so that the puppy does not become fearful or aggressive as an adult, to contact a trainer right away for an in-the-home visit and to register for puppy classes.

What can you to do to help this information get into the hands of the humans that need it most??

Please download Dr. Ian Dunban's two free eBooks and then email them to all of your friends, plus family, your vet, and your neighbors, urging them to forward the books to every puppy/dog owner that they know. You can download them on Jenn's Puppy Classes Page or at or just click on the pictures below. If these two eBooks are emailed to a sufficient number of dog owners, not only will prospective puppies owners have copies prior to acquiring a new puppy but also, they will have copies on hand to email to family members, friends and neighbors should they decide to search for a new puppy. Please support this Puppy Raising Initiative so that it rapidly spreads nationwide and worldwide.

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