Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visiting Moore County's Pet Responsiblity Committee

Jenn and other members of K9 Kindness spent the day in Carthage learning all about the fantastic, multi-faceted humane education program going on in Moore County.  K9 Kindness would like to replicate this program in Orange County.  Other humane educators were there from all over North Carolina. 
The Moore County Pet Responsibility Committee developed a six week curriculum for 4th graders that addresses what children (and their parents) can do to help the animals and also teaches good judgement, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility.   This all volunteer program reaches over 1000 students each year. 

Students learn about the importance of spay/neuter, the responsibilities of caring for pets, the importance of training, and how to be an advocate for animals.  They also have an essay contest called the "Speuter Bowl" where the winning essay receives a free spay or neuter for their family pet. 
Sounds so cool!  Want to get involved and support K9 Kindness' effort to implement a similar program in Orange County?  Check out the K9 Kindness website for more info.

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