Monday, September 24, 2012

My 5th Birthday!!

Hard to believe that I'm FIVE years old!  And I just knew that it was a special day just for me and that Jenn and Eric were planning something.  Jenn was busy making a cake with peanut butter and carrots.  That's a complete give-away that I'm having a party!
My girlfriend Mona came over and we got to play.  Jenn's mom made us all special Jing-A-Ling Bandanas.
Poor Bernie had to watch most of the party from inside.  He tore a ligament in his leg and has to take it easy for several weeks.  Sorry Bernie!
 But then Jenn brought out the cake!
Wow!   This might be my favorite cake ever.  Jenn got special treats at Paws at the Corner in Hillsborough.  The treats are handmade at Oliver's Collar Dog Treat Bakery in Durham. 
I could not wait to try it!   Mona thought it was outstanding that dogs get their own cake.
 Jet and Bernie and I were all lined up, ready for our pieces of cake.
 Jet and I ate our cake pieces in one bite!   
And, then we did our gift swap.  I got a cow toy stuffed with a crinkly plastic bottle.  I don't have anything like it and I give it a big paw's up! 
After the guests left, it was time to crash.  Thanks to everyone for my fifth birthday wishes.  I hope to have many more birthdays to come! 

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