Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Joining the Family Paws Parent Education team

Taking some time off after moving to Canada has allowed Jenn to re-evaluate her dog training business and think about where and what she wants to do.  One thing that Jenn always talked about was joining Family Paws Parent Education
Family Paws in an international educational program that specializes in helping expectant pet parents prepare for life with a baby.  They also offer a separate program for families already managing dogs and toddlers.  They offer presentations, resources, and training help for families all over the world.

So, Jenn took advantage of her time off and contacted her friend and Family Paws founder Jen Shryock and Jenn recently completed the 13 week training course to become a Family Paws licensed presenter.  Jenn is super excited to be able to offer Family Paws workshops, online and in-home training for families with pets and children here in Burlington, Ontario. 

Check out this video which explains more about Family Paws: 

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