Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Day at TTouch

Quite an exciting day I had with my new friend Linda Tellington Jones. She is staying here with Jenn and Eric while she instructs a 6 day workshop in Tellington TTouch at the APS in Mebane. She created TTouch over 30 years ago to help animals live better with injuries, cope with stress, and improve their health and behavior. Jenn wanted me to go, so I could have the experience with the 25 folks that traveled from all over the country to be here and learn from Linda. I was a bit nervous and frustrated at first, that this wasn't going to be puppy playtime. Linda put me on a balance leash and gave me TTouches over my body. She was very kind and it helped me feel more comfortable. Then she did some TTouches in my mouth (more on that later). I pretty much chilled out from there. Jenn said she's going to continue to give me TTouches everyday. I'm cool with that. Thank you Linda!


Juel Duke said...

Royal, I saw you, you cute little thing. I do have to say that you really aren't little and it's important for you and everyone else to remember that you are just a puppy. There have been 3 Aussie's in my life before you and I see bits of each of them when I look at you--I'm anxious to know if you have the same feel and look forward to that opportunity.
Linda's got good hands, doesn't she?

Niamh said...


That TTouch feels great. Linda touched me on the tail and the face and it was wonderful. It is amazing that she figured out the way to make us feel so good.