Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dude...there's my tail

This is my tail. Pretty cute, huh? It's exactly what I was born with which is called a natural bob. It's about 3 inches and it has some long fur. Aussies like me can be born with full, long tails or natural bobs. Lots of Aussies and other breeds like Rotties, Dobermans, and Weims have their tails docked. It's quite a personal choice to keep a tail long or dock it (which is amputating to a certain length). Ouch!

Jenn says that docking tails or cropping ears (which is surgical reshaping) can sometimes inhibit the way that dogs communicate since most of our "language" is done with our bodies. Without expressive, natural ears and tails, how can we say all the things we need to?

I must say that I like my tail the way it is. Being au natural is cool. I can convey a lot about how I feel. I'm glad I got to keep my tail.

For more on docking/cropping, check this article out.

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