Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Dad Jake, not just a pretty face

This is my dad Jake. He lives in Florida and does so many fun things. He and his person Ami compete in agility, flyball,conformation, rally, and herding. Can you believe that he's also a supermodel? That's not all-he's friendly, outgoing, and apparently quite the comedian (now I know where I get my sense of humor). Jenn says Australian Shepherds are bred to be versatile, working companions and that my dad is a great role model. We Aussies need and thrive on attention and activity. Maybe this explains why my mind and body need to be kept busy. We live best with people that have plenty of time for training, exercise, and companionship. I'm lucky that Jenn and Eric understand all this and give me so much of what I need. I hope I can grow up and be like my dad Jake. Jake has his own website you can check out.

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