Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Mom Lacy is my Valentine!

This is my mom Lacy. She is so beautiful, smart, and kind. But she is also quite the athlete, also competing in agility, herding, rally, and conformation with her person Katrina. I lived with them along with all my brothers and sisters for 10 full weeks before coming to live with Jenn and Eric. It was such an important time for me and I learned many lessons about how to behave around and respect my elders and how to play with other dogs and puppies. Katrina took us all out on field trips, to play with other nice people and children and to learn to be handled and groomed. By the time I can home with Jenn, I was already used to sights, sounds and smells of the world. Jenn says this early socialization along with all the things she continues to expose me to, will help me develop into a confident, adaptable adult. Puppies that don't experience the world starting at a very young age, can become fearful and not be able to handle things later in life. So get your puppy out in the world. I wish every puppy could have a social start in life and a mom like my mom Lacy. Check out her website here.

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