Friday, February 22, 2008

I Love TTouch!

So what is TTouch? I hear Jenn talk about it a lot. Tellington TTouch is a type of bodywork and gentle non-habitual movement exercises for animals. It teaches balance (see "Walk This Way" entry), releases tension, eases pain, and it just feels good. It's different from the regular scratches and butt rubs that I get. TTouches are slow and circular and then Jenn gets me moving around, helping me move in a slower way than I usually move. It calms me down, makes me think, and I'm getting less sensitive about being groomed and handled too. Jenn TTouches Big Sandy for her arthritis pain. Bernie gets TTouch for his concern about the world. The touches release the worry from his mind. There are special touches for my ears (love them) and my mouth (not my favorite). The best things about TTouch are how easy it is and that anyone can learn it. Practitioners like Jenn teach people how to TTouch their animals. There are also several books and videos available so you can learn that way too. You can find out more at

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Niamh said...

TTouch feels great. Barbara had Jenn work with me a while ago because I don't like to be brushed. It still isn't the greatest but I can tolerate it now because of the hair slides. Sometimes I even find myself enjoying having my ears brushed.

Your friend,