Friday, November 7, 2008

Digging in the Dirt!

I love to dig! What fun it is to plow through the soft ground with my feet and shove my face into the cool dirt. Check out my brown feet and brown tongue! Sometimes I dig because I'm trying to get to something, like a mole. Other times, I dig to just lay in the cool place. Lots of puppies like to dig for various reasons, but their people don't think that it is so great. Especially if we dig up the flowers or special plants or make holes all over the yard.

Jenn and Eric know how much I like to dig and they didn't want me to dig up the whole yard, so they let me have my own magic dig pit. This is a special place just for me where there are hidden treats and toys. I go to dig there and voila, there is buried treasure like a toy or a bone. Why would I need to dig in any other area of the yard? I never find anything interesting there. My magic dig pit always has the best stuff.

Excessive digging can be caused by lack of exercise and boredom. If a puppy has nothing to do in his yard, digging is a creative way to burn off energy and frustration. Make sure your puppy is getting enough exercise.

If you want to manage your dog's digging habit, check this DogStarDaily article out.


Niamh said...

Good job getting your white paws all covered in nice dirt. It feels so good to dig. Glad to hear that you have your own special digging pit.

Your friend,

Ayla said...

I love to dig, too. There is a special place in my yard where I can dig, and Sandi laughs at me because my whole face gets covered in dirt. What fun! I feel sorry for dogs who don't have a place to dig and cannot sit in the cool dirt.

It was good to see you in the 'fun with obedience' class today.

Your friend,