Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Play Everyday!

Jenn and I started a new class at the APS called "Having Fun With Obedience". I love this class! It's all about playing different games to improve communication between dogs and their people. I love games. The instructor is Jenn's friend Chris. One of the games is using clickers to get us dogs thinking and experimenting with new behaviors called "freeshaping". The click means I've done something good and I'll get a treat. Jenn can use the click to mark the exact second of my behavior. In this picture, Jenn is using the clicker to help me learn to play the piano with my feet. First she clicked me for looking at the piano, then for touching the piano with my nose or feet, then only with my feet, and then only the keys with my feet. This photo is courtesy of my girlfriend Niamh's person Barbara.

The clicker is just a little plastic box that makes the click sound. Jenn says you can also use a word like "YES" to mark a behavior in the same way. Some dogs are a little scared of the click sound at first so you can put the clicker in your pocket and click to muffle the sound.

What to learn more about clicker training? Click here (ha!)

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Niamh said...

You will be performing at Carnagie Hall any day now Royal. I'm loving that class too. Any opportunity to learn fun things and get Barbara to turn on the clicker is fine with me.

I wish more people would train the way Barbara and Jenn do. Have your read Agatha and Archie's blog about the problems they have had with a trainer?

Your friend,