Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Review of the Dog Tornado

Here's my review of the Dog Tornado, another of the mind activating toys toys from Nina Ottosson. This is a wooden toy, made for playing with your person. I shouldn't be left alone with this toy as my person needs to monitor my progress and reset the Tornado as needed. And it is made of wood, which I could probably dismantle in no time flat.

First, Jenn loads the Tornado with treats in the tiny chambers. Then I have to spin the Tornado around with my nose or my paws to reveal each chamber. This is a fun way to work my brain and get some treats. Check out my video and see how I did. There are now plastic versions of some of the Nina Ottosson toys coming to a dog store near you.

Read more about Nina Ottosson and her mind activating toys here.

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