Monday, February 2, 2009

Titer Test Results and a Beagle Playdate

I got some very good news! My titer test came back and the results show that my immune system is very strong against the nasty parvo and distemper viruses. That means that I won't need a parvo or distemper booster shot for a long, long time if ever. By not having to get unnecessary shots, I'm also avoiding all the possible side effects of getting shots I don't need. I still have to visit my vet for my annual wellness exam and get tested for other things like heartworms, but the only shot I definitely have to get now is rabies every three years (so says the state of North Carolina). There are lots of researchers saying that we also get longer immunity from the rabies shot.

Want to learn more? Dr. Ronald Schultz has been studying pet vaccines for over 30 years and he is the leading researcher on vaccine duration. He is working on the Rabies Challenge Fund to help prove that rabies vaccinations can be effective up to 7 years. Here are some articles about his approach to minimal use of vaccinations and about the Rabies Challenge Fund.

Duration of Immunity to Canine Vaccines: What We Know and Don't Know
What Everyone Needs to Know About Canine Vaccines and Vaccination Programs
Schultz: Dog Vaccines May Not be Necessary
Rabies Challenge Fund

So after all this talk about vaccines, I had to have some fun playing with a new beagle friend at the park. First we had a nice game of chase. I had a hard time keeping up!Then we wrestled. He flopped on the ground and we made all kinds of wacky faces at each other.Then he jumped on my back and I was completely having the best time! This little guy was so much fun to play with. Jenn said we had very appropriate play skills and even though I am much bigger and stronger, I didn't even try to overwhelm him. That's called self -handicapping, or downplaying my skills to match my play partner. Cool.

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Niamh said...

Looks like you are the picture of health Royal. And it is so much better not to have a lot of shots!

Hope to see you next week in drill team. The routine is almost finished.

Your friend,