Thursday, April 2, 2009

My busy social calendar!

Life is getting really busy lately. I have so many commitments with Drill Team on Mondays, Therapy Dog on Tuesdays, and Agility 1 on Thursdays. Here's the rundown:

On Mondays, the Paws4Ever Drill Team is getting ready for our first performance of the season which will be Saturday, April 18th at the YMCA Healthy Kids Day at the Meadowmont Swim Club in Chapel Hill. We will go on at around 10:40am and do two routines. One is are old standby "I Will Survive" and the other is our brand new routine "Twenty Five Miles". It is very cool. I get to spin, twirl, and do-see-do.

On Tuesdays, Jenn and I go to Carolina Meadows for Therapy Dog class with Barbara Long. Barbara is a wonderful trainer and she's going to give us lots of practice to get ready for my therapy dog test. I have to get even more comfortable with strangers petting me, being brushed and touched, keeping my cool around medical equipment, and approaching people with walkers and wheelchairs. We also have to practice a lot outside of class. At the end of six weeks, we'll take the Therapy Dogs International (TDI) test. On Thursdays, we're back at Paws4Ever in Agility 1. Jenn said I'm doing much better in Agility now that I'm neutered (and a little older). I can keep my composure while the other dogs are taking their turns on the equipment. Last week, we worked on going over the dog walk, targeting, and going through the weave poles. My best girlfriend Mona is in class with me, but I can't sniff her butt until after class. Bummer.


GSD Adventures said...

OMD! You are CRAZY busy! Make sure to get your rest so you can stay energized for all those commitments! Great things you are doing in the community though. :D

Pruett and Daphne

Niamh said...

Isn't it cool that we get to do so many interesting things Royal? I really feel sorry for dogs that just hang out in their backyards. I can't wait for the drill team performance! See you Monday.

Your friend,

Honey said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are amazing! And, busy. But, mostly amazing. Such super classes, and activities.
Great to hear about all the neat things you are involved with. Come see us...I am pretty mellow these days...but do some fun stuff too.
Cheers, Honey (13 yo golden retreiver)