Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Puppy!

Ug, this weather. I am one hot puppy. This humidity really knocks out my energy. My new favorite places in the house are near the variety of air vents. The cold air comes out and feels so good. I can either put my body on top of the vent like this...
or sit so the cool air blows on my chest...
or on my paws. Very nice.
I also like to press my butt up against the toilet. Ahhh.I'll be so happy for some cooler weather so I can get back to my regular schedule of activities. Jenn is very careful that I don't get overheated outside. We take lots of breaks and she always has some water for me, even on our short walks. We also have to keep careful watch on Big Sandy, who is 15. She really feels the heat even more than me. Be especially careful with your older dogs when it gets hot outside. Make sure you keep your dogs from overheating by limiting their activity during the hottest parts of the day, always provide lots of fresh water, and never, ever leave your dog in a hot car. Check out this article on heat related illnesses:

Heat Related Illnesses in Dogs

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The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

ROYAL! Look at you! We could be TWINS! And... my brother's name is Royal! TOO WEIRD!

Let me start over-- my name is Brock, I am a 6 yr old aussie, and I run a blog too with my 3 "siblings", Royal, Alki & Iggy. We really enjoy your blog! Hope to get to know you better!

butt wiggles,
Brock & the Beasts