Monday, August 3, 2009

4-H Paws 'N Pals

Jenn's been very busy lately training everyone but me! Unbelievable. She's been in Maryland teaching classes and workshops for the 4-H Paws 'N Pals club. This club promotes reward based training and fun dog related activities for 4-Hers. Jenn taught a beginner Rally class and a Tellington TTouch demo using Bernie as her demo dog. As if! Surely, I could be so much more dramatic and exciting than Bernie. Look at him! Boring! Doing everything in a calm, thoughtful way and being so cooperative. Here's Jenn getting the Rally class to practice footwork without their dogs. Then the kids learned some basic Rally signs and got to practice a Rally course.
Jenn was happy that so many people came out to the 4-H meeting and her TTouch demo.She talked the kids and their parents through some slides, lifts and touches.Check out the 4-H Paws 'N Pals website here.


Ayla said...

Hey Royal,

I'm back on the blog after 3 months summer vacation - I love summer! For the last 3 months I've been running, swimming, and hanging out either in my dog pen or inside in the a/c. I know that soon Sandi and I will need to start back to work, but in the meantime I'm lovin' the dog days of summer!

Check out my blog for a great photo of me swimming in Jordan Lake. ps - I'm on a long line to keep me from chasing kayakers (Sandi's no fun at all..)

Your friend, Ayla

Niamh said...

This is cruelty to animals Royal that Bernie got to show off and you did not! I am sure that you would have made an excellent demo dog for those kids.

Your friend,