Monday, August 17, 2009

Best New Product-The Thundershirt

Do I look cool or what? This is my Thundershirt and besides that fact that I look very handsome, the Thundershirt helps me chill out during thunderstorms.
Yikes!! A few months ago, I got a little clingy during storms. Big Sandy has been acting more nervous during storms as she gets older and Jenn thinks that I may have learned worried behavior from her. Over the winter, I had forgotten that they are no big deal and it felt safer to try to get into Jenn's lap. I would start to pant, my eyes would dilate and I would do all kinds of stress signs like yawning, shaking off, and salivating a lot during the storm. I just got totally stressed out!

Jenn didn't want to coddle me during storms. She wanted me to learn confidence so that I could handle them on my own and handle them when she is not around. Like a big boy. Here's what Jenn did for me to help me chill out during storms:

1. Before the storm arrives, Jenn gives me a special project. She'll stuff a Kong or get me working on one of my puzzle toys. This helps me keep my stress level manageable and changes my association to storms from bad to good.

2. She puts on a body wrap, a.k.a. the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt calms me by creating gentle pressure on my body. I can focus on myself instead of what is going on around me.

Check out this video on a recent experience during a thunderstorm

If your dog has anxiety about noises and storms, you may want to start some easy association exercises and give the Thundershirt a try. It even has a money back guarantee. Sometimes, is also helps to work with a certified pet dog trainer that can help you develop a plan to help your dog get over his/her fears.

You can read more about the Thundershirt and why it works here.

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