Monday, April 5, 2010

Puppy Socialization Trips to Weaver St. and Phydeaux

Jenn has been taking our puppy Jet on field trips around town. This is for Jet's continuing socialization to people, places and things. It is very important to get puppies out into the world, meeting as many friendly people as possible and learning to be polite as well. One day, they went to Weaver Street Market. Jet waited for people to stop and give her treats for sitting.Another day, Jet when to Phydeaux, the grooviest dog store in the world. Jet really loved the staff and she got to wiggle her butt and get attention.Then Jet got to pose for a photo.You can learn more about how to socialize your puppy by reading this article by Dr. Ian Dunbar called "Socialization with People".

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