Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tellington TTouch Training

There's been lots of excitement with the arrival of Linda Tellington-Jones! She's staying with us during a Tellington TTouch Training session at Paws4Ever in Mebane. There are people here from all over the country to learn from Linda. The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle, respectful training method that helps people communicate with and comfort their animals. Here's Linda with Big Sandy. Big Sandy gets TTouch bodywork every day from Jenn. TTouch can really helps older dogs that have arthritis and aches and pains live a more comfortable life. TTouch is also great for puppies. It's an easy way to help puppies learn to accept gentle touches and handling exercises. It can help puppies that are chewing, teething, and need help settling themselves. Here's Linda and Jet...
Actually, we all benefit from TTouch...
And Linda is a wonderful teacher.
I helped during the training out too. Here I am doing some work in the labyrynth with Deirdre, a TTouch practitioner from Florida.
We go through the labyrynth together, and Deirdre gives me gentle signals to stop and balance after each turn.
Here we are helping a cute little dog that sometimes reacts to other dogs. I'm walking and pausing as the other dog goes by. The little dog stayed very calm...we pause and turn together...And then we walk out...Deirdre and I were pretty awesome! And I'm so glad that I got to participate in the training. I'm even happier that Jenn knows the benefits of the TTouch Method and I know it will help me have a better life with her. If you want to learn more about TTouch, check out the TTouch website.

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