Monday, May 5, 2008

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise...

So what's the deal with all this exercise? I've started getting an extra walk and more physical activity every day. Jenn's putting lots of miles on her new walking shoes and taking me to park to run, run, run. She says that puppies my age need more activity to keep us from getting bored or using our pent up energy in a bad way, like destroying things, digging, or barking a lot. We sometimes have "Crazy Puppy Time-CPT" when we zoom around and kind of go nuts getting into everything. It sometimes comes after we eat, usually in the morning and evening, but sometimes more often. Jenn says that increasing daily exercise can prevent outbreaks of "CPT" helping puppies to behave more calmly. All puppies were bred for a purpose to their lives or to do a particular job, even if your dog is a combination of several breeds. I was bred to herd sheep and livestock all day long so I need plenty of physical and mental exercise. What was your puppy bred to do? Are you providing outlets for those instincts and their activity level? Check out how you can.

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