Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sheep Herding with Claire

Jenn said that we were going on a special adventure. Her dog trainer friend Claire Apple teaches dogs how to herd sheep. I remember seeing sheep when I was with my breeder Katrina and my mom in Nevada. But I was only eight weeks old then.

So we drove down to Claire's farm and I not only got to see sheep, smell sheep, and eat sheep poop, but I also got to herd them! First I was on a long leash and that wasn't very fun. I voiced my opinions a bit too loudly. Claire said that I didn't need to tell the sheep off like that. She took me off the leash and showed me what to do with her herding stick. This gave me a boundary and she helped show me what I'm supposed to do. My job is to listen, take instructions, and move the sheep accordingly keeping them in a group close to their person. I really wanted to split up the group and chase them, but that's not the deal. I got to do some calm and steady movements and the sheep responded. Very cool.

And I got to meet Claire's bull Albert. I was kind of intimidated, but he just hung out and let me sniff him. I've never been that close to a cow. Jenn said that I just needed to stay calm and it would OK.

What an exciting experience!! Jenn made a video so you can get a gander at my first herding lesson with Claire. I hope I get to do this again. Check out Claire's webpage for information on her herding lessons.

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