Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why do herding?? It's what herding dogs do.

If your dog is a herding breed, they probably do some things that drive you nuts, like herd your kids or try to chase moving objects. We can't help it!! It's what we were bred to do. Teaching herding dogs to properly herd is great way to channel their instincts and burn off a ton of energy. And you don't have to be a herding dog to enjoy or do herding. See herding instructor Claire Apple's link in my previous post for info on her herding lessons.

Can't get enough herding?? Jenn has another video she did a while back of my housemates Big Sandy and Bernie doing some high energy herding with Claire. Big Sandy goes first and is about the best three-legged herder out there. Bernie is very young in the video and like to bark at the sheep (like I do). They both had the time of their lives. Check it out!

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CaladoHelena said...

What wonderful blog about Australian Shepherd and they herding work.

We don’t see a lot of blogs about these topics and definitely should be more, just to remind people that are important team working companions.

Excellent work and congratulations for you wonderful Aussies !