Monday, January 12, 2009

Please don't use a shock fence on your puppy

Jenn and I walked past a house the other day with a very scary dog that barked at us. The dog was in it's yard and ran right at us, stopping at the edge of her yard. Then she yelped in pain, then started barking at us again and again exposing all her teeth. I knew she meant business and we walked away fast. The strange part was she had no fence that I could see, just a little black box on her collar. Jenn said the dog was trapped in the yard by an invisible fence that shocks her when she tries to leave the yard. I thought about how horrible that would be to have to live like that. I felt really sorry for the dog and can understand why she gets so upset when people and puppies walk past her. She has learned that things on the other side of the fence cause her pain and now she gets violent whenever something goes by. People think that shock fences give their dogs more freedom, but what they really do is trap them.

It made me really happy to go home and run around in my yard with a real physical fence. The fence protects me from other animals and keeps me in my yard. Jenn doesn't recommend that shock fence and works with lots of people with dogs that have developed all sorts of problems with their behavior and their health, even heart problems from using shock fences. She says we'll never have that shock fence. Whew!

Click here to read Jenn's Dog Star Daily article on invisible fencing.

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Ayla said...

I know exactly what you mean. There are several dogs who live across the road from me, and they have a shock fence. They run barking at anyone walking by, and then they get shocked and they yelp, then they fight each other out of frustration.

It is very upsetting for all the neighborhood.

Thanks for writing about this. Your friend, Ayla