Thursday, January 22, 2009

We have a Bread Thief!

Eric says there is a bread thief in the house! That's just silly. I heard him tell Jenn that he put a nice crusty loaf on the kitchen counter with some olive oil last night. He left the room and came back and the whole loaf was gone. Well, don't tell Eric, but I totally snarfed that bread and it was so good! I mean, he left it right on the edge of the counter and I was really jones-ing for a snack. Jenn was teaching class, and no one was watching. Heck, he practically tied a bow on it just for me.

Jenn says that without knowing who the bread thief is (for sure), she and Eric have to really manage the kitchen so the thief doesn't strike again. It only takes being rewarded one time for dogs to learn that being a bread thief is super fun. They have to make sure the counters are clear and anything on the counters is pushed way back. Hmmph!

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Niamh said...

When you steal stuff it is always better than the things you are allowed to have. Glad you enjoyed that delicious bread but you will have to be more crafty now Royal. Looks like they are on to you.

Your friend,

Ayla said...

A word of caution here. Ruby once ate (stole) some bread. It hadn't been baked yet, and was left to rise by the wood stove. She didn't think anyone would notice.

Sandi had to call a veterinary after hours clinic for help, and she had to make Ruby throw up over several hours. It wasn't a pretty picture, but Ruby was OK. Sandi got no sleep that night.

I will try to stay away from bread.

Your friend, Ayla