Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Need Some Help With Your Teenage Puppy?

We have a teenager in the house! Her name used to be Jet, but I've started calling her "Jet-Nasty", since she started chewing up all my toys (how annoying!). I've been attempting to give Jet-Nasty the cold shoulder, but she keeps wanting to curl up with me and lick my mouth. Please! I guess I will just have to be more patient with her since she is now a "teenager" and no longer a puppy. But seriously, how long do I have to put with this?
Puppies enter adolescent around six months of age and it can last up to 2 years of age. I cannot imagine that I was this much trouble for that long! So the good news is that puppy adolescence doesn't last nearly as long as human adolescence, but it is a very intense time for many puppies.You may start to notice some troubling changes in your sweet and adoring pup once they creep into being a teenager. They may not listen when you call them, they may be suddenly fearful of strangers or objects, or they may become destructive in their chewing (tell me about that one).

Now is not the time to think "they will grow out of it". Now is the time to amp up your puppy's training and socialization into an action plan:

Get into reward based dog training classes. If you haven't taken your puppy to classes yet, you need to start yesterday. Classes can help with communication, continued socialization and keeping your puppy learning and focusing. Find a professional trainer and get started on your puppy's education. Check Jenn's website (www.bluedogk9.com) and see when she has classes available. Or find a trainer in your area at www.apdt.com or ccpdt.org.

Your puppy needs lots of outlets for their physical and mental energy. So, lots of appropriate things to chew, chew, chew, toys that provide mental stimulation (see Jenn's suggestions), playtimes with other well socialized puppies...and walks with you each and every day.Here are some helpful articles by Dr. Ian Dunbar for more tips on surviving your puppy's adolescence on adolescent changes and preventing adolescent problems.

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Niamh said...


I feel your pain! Ambrose is 18 months of age and is just beginning to come out of his adolescence. He is actually getting to be less annoying and better behaved. I hope he won't pee on Jet again.

Your friend,