Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow, I feel like shaking my butt!

I must say that I feel so great! Better than I have in a long time. I'm spunky and playful and I'm having the best time with our 7 month old puppy Jet. I feel like shaking my butt again! It looks like my treatment for all my tick related issues is done. I have to get another series of blood tests done next month, just to be sure that I'm AOK. I hit the tick jackpot, you know. But now, I can be silly again and luckily, Jet likes to play special Aussie games just like I do. First, I grab her face...then, she grabs my face...then she somehow runs underneath me...then, we play tug with a plastic bottle...
then, I tell her off...then, I chase her inside and she tells me off. As if!Jenn says that it won't be too much longer that we'll be taking all this foolishness on a little trip to the beach. I love the beach and I cannot wait to show Jet how much fun it is. She's going to love it too. Bernie likes the beach too, but he never wants to play my chase games. Bernie just wants to be thoughtful and peaceful and watch the seabirds. He gets a little annoyed with me, so maybe on this trip, I won't bother him so much.

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