Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alpha Roll vs. Jelly Roll

What is an alpha roll anyway? Is it like a jelly roll? Yum! Jenn says it is not that type of roll.

She says that some people believed that physically disciplining a puppy by rolling a them onto their back and holding them down until they submit or shaking them by the scruff of the neck was a way for humans to show they were "alpha" or dominant. This was supposedly based on one observation of captive wolves, but it became popular a long time ago, before people understood how dogs learn and interpret information.

The real deal is that in any wolf pack, the leaders, which are a male and female breeding pair, are the LEAST violent. Violence within the pack is reserved for the lower members. By being outwarding violent, one shows their lack of leadership.

And the other very important things is that I'm not a wolf. And although I do share some DNA with those guys, I don't act like them or think like them anyway.

I'm glad that the only roll is our house is the jelly roll. Yum.

Want to learn more? Read this article by Lisa Mullinax, CPDT: Click here


lls said...

Hi Royal! Thanks for all the good info on dog dominance for our Mom. We love your blog!!
Chloe and Lacy

Tell your Mom and Eric our Mom and Dad said "Hi"!

Niamh said...


We are so fortunate that are people are dog trainers and smart enough not to have bought into that alpha roll nonsense that is in a lot of books. I understand that there are still people who call themselves dog trainers that do that idiotic thing.

Isn't it great that people are leaning about us and not just using traditional methods?!

Your friend,

Ayla said...

Hi Royal,
It was fun seeing you briefly tonight. We were at APS for Rally practice.

Please tell Jenn about Turid's new book on Barking. Sandi just bought it but hasn't read it yet. I like to bark ~ at deer, rabbits, turtles, etc.

I haven't been to the dog park lately, but maybe we can meet there soon. Maybe when it's not so hot!

Your friend, Ayla