Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quiet Puppy Vs. Not!

I've developed quite a deep, seal-like bark. ORT!! ORT!!

Some puppies bark to get attention, or because they are frustrated or scared. Different barks mean different things in different situations.

I bark when I'm bored or when I want to start some doggy play action and also when I see deer outside the fence in the yard. I like barking to chase the deer away the most. Jenn says that I've saved her plants and vegetables many, many times and I'm a good puppy because I quiet down as soon as the deer are gone. At that point, my job is done.

My other barks are not so well received. I try really hard to use my bark so that someone will pay attention or play with me. Mostly, I get the cold shoulder. But when I'm quiet and calm, I get everything I want. Jenn says that as long as she and Eric are consistent and don't give me any attention for barking directly at them, that I will learn that barking doesn't work as a way to get attention. Being calm and quiet seems to do the trick.

The exception to the barking rules is when I have to do my business outside. Jenn and Eric have done a good job listening and they can tell the difference in my barking when I have to go, go, go.

Do you think your puppy barks too much or wonder what the barks mean? Check out this article on barking.


Niamh said...

Some times you just have to bark! I like to bark at the squirrels who invade my patio. Good job on chasing those deer away Royal.

Hope we can play soon.
Your friend,

CaladoHelena said...

Hi there ! You have a lovely puppy that also shares the some with my Aussie Teco, barking when he is bored.
Teco hates to have to wait to start playing or working or training or showing or what ever … and the way to show it is barking.
Since he knows I hate the noise he makes a different crying bark when he looks at me and I am with the look “SHUT UP” … lol … in the end it is funny the way they talk