Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My new hobby-Agility

Jenn started taking me to Pre-Agility at the Animal Protection Society in Mebane. It's a beginner class for dogs that want to learn Agility.

Agility is an exciting dog sport where dogs and handlers run a course of obstacles. There are tunnels, jumps, an A-frame, dog walk, and a pause table. Now you can't run around all crazy. You have to go to each piece of equipment that your person tells you to. And you have to learn how to do each piece of equipment properly, so you don't get hurt.

Our instructor, Dean, teaches the dogs a new piece of equipment each week and teaches our handlers how to direct us on the course. Then we get to practice doing combinations of jump, tunnel, pause table, and we just learned the A-Frame.

Jenn says the hardest thing is keeping up with me and keeping me calm while I wait for my turn to go, go, go. It's frustrating for me to watch other dogs running. She tries to keep me calm, but I'm still a puppy don't you know. Jenn says that Agility will help me learn confidence, self-control and will channel my energy.

What to learn more about agility? Click here for a great page on Wikipedia.


CaladoHelena said...

Royal, congratulations for your beginning lessons in Agility. My Aussie Angel also loves that sport and she forgets everything when she sees the obstacles and ball.
Last night we went to do a demonstration and Angel hasn’t being training since she is in girl season (heat) so we weren’t expecting much and we were thinking if she would go to search for boys.
And I much say, she made me proud, since she was the best and made the agility course with full joy and energy and in the end she received a lot of clapping and congratulations.

Ayla said...

Hi Royal,
That is so cool that you are playing with agility. Sandi has done a little pre-agility with me, and I just want to RUN and jump, and I get very excited. Sandi says we need to work on more self-control. What a drag. Bummer you got busted with the chair leg.

Your friend Ayla