Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Opps, I did it again

Wahoo! I found a very tasty hat in the guest bedroom. Jenn's sister Kim is here and someone left the door open to her room. I snuffled through all her clothes and things. I just had to check it all out.

It was so nice of her to leave the hat there just for me. Jenn was on her computer upstairs and I guess she thought I was sleeping. Ha! I was very quiet and carried the hat to my favorite spot downstairs next to the air vent. I got to chomp and drool all over the hat and then fall asleep on top of it. What fun!!

Then Jenn found me. Opps! She traded me the hat for a nice treat and then she gave me one of my own toys to chew on. She didn't get upset with me but with herself for not watching me and for not making sure the door to the guest room was closed.

Now she has to buy her sister a new hat and hopes that Kim doesn't find out that I drooled all over her clothes in her suitcase. Geez, that's kind of embarrassing for a dog trainer!

So what's my penchant for putting things in my mouth lately? Jenn says that I'm going through secondary chewing phase. This happens when puppies are in adolescence. We need to chew when we are bored, frustrated, or just whenever the need strikes. It's so important to continue to provide supervision and proper chews.

For more information about chewing phases and how to help your puppy, check out this article on dogstardaily.com.


Niamh said...


You are so sneaky! How smart of you to steal that nice hat and chew a hole in it without anyone noticing.
It is so hard when our molars are setting. We just have to chew. Maybe chewing on bones or Kongs would be a better idea.

Your friend,

Unknown said...

Hey Royal...you might want to remind Jenn that she's never replaced Kim's "favorite" hat that you exercized your teeth on. Boy, the next time we visit your house, Kim's going to lock up her hats and suitcase. Did you really drool all over her clothes? Yuck! She said she's going to be watching you at Thanksgiving. Kaufman says to stay clear of her favorite stuffed animal, Triceritopsy. I can't wait to run around the yard with you. See you soon. Your friend, Holly