Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm 11 months old!

Can you believe it? I'm 11 months old. One more month and I'll be a whole year old. Which makes me think about my upcoming birthday and what special presents Jenn and Eric might be getting me. I think that I need some new toys. Since Jenn says that she needs to keep my busy mind and my busier body even more active. My favorite toys provide mental activity, not just plush toys with squeakers, which don't seem to stay around very long. I like toys that make me think, make me figure things out, and reward me. Which are my favorites? Well, the Kong toy rules.

A Kong is a bouncy, rubber toy that is hollow. It's made for stuffing with goodies. It comes in red (for moderate chewers) and black (for more voracious chewers). This is a great way for puppies to get their meals instead of from just a bowl. You can put the whole meal inside the Kong and pack it all together with biscuits, etc. Your puppy will then have to work to get the food out. It makes mealtime mental activity time and it also gives your puppy an job when they need it. And if you have a herding dog puppy, you better have a good supply of Kongs around. Kongs are also one of the most widely available dog toys around. There are all sorts of ways to stuff the Kong too to make it continually interesting for your pup.

Check out the Kong website by clicking here with all sorts of great info on the Kong.

Click here to learn how to stuff the Kong and get creative stuffing recipes.

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