Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Favorite Toys: Squirrel Dude

Next on my favorite toy list is my Busy Buddies Squirrel Dude. The Dude is purple and shaped somewhat like the Kong. It is rubber, bouncy and it is made for holding treats or kibble. It has prongs inside so the food is held in. I really have to work with my tongue to get it out or I throw it and bounce it. So cool. You can cut the prongs out to make it easier, or leave them all in for a real challenge.
Here's my new friend Will who gave me the sit command before handing me the Dude. Will is super fun and stayed the night with us with his parents Mel and Ax. Jenn says the I have to learn to respect and listen to little people too, so Will asked me to do commands before giving me anything. The Dude seems to come out more when little people are here making me like those little people even more.
Here I am "working the Dude". Sometimes I'll use my tongue to get the treats out and sometimes and pick it up in my mouth and throw it to get the treats out. Using the Dude is a great way to feed your dog their meals instead of from a bowl. This can be really helpful for dogs that eat quickly or dogs that need more to do with their mouths.


Jenny said...

don't you find the the dude has a fairly unholy smell when removed from the package? I picked one up for a friend who couldn't get to the local dog boutique, and the smell it left in my tote bag was amazing.

Royal said...

Hi Jenny,

My Dudes never had a strong smell. But Jenn bought them years ago when they first came out. Perhaps they have changed something in the manufacturing? I know they are made of rubber, so they would not offgas like some vinyl toys. Jenn needs to check that out for me.

Thanks for your comment! Royal

Unknown said...

Hi Royal!
Tell your mom thanks for letting you write about the Dude. As soon as my mom saw it she went right out and bought me one. It intrigues me for hours because I can't seem to get those yummy treats out. I wish she'd cut the prongs but she said no, that I need something like this to occupy me when I'm inside the house.

This is to Jenny - my Dude doesn't smell, and it didn't come in a package. My mom got it at a place called something like Fur and Feathers in Cole Park Plaza.

Back to Royal - what's your favorite treat that Jenn hides in your dude?

Your Aussie Friend,

Zarebski said...

Yay!! Love this!! I like your chocie about toys... :0)