Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Favorite Toys: The Kong

Here I am with one of my Kongs. This morning, it was stuffed with these stinky salmon treats called Kronche that drive me crazy, Charlee Bear treats, and Canidae snap biscuits. Jenn really packs the goodies in so it is more of a challenge for me to get it all out. You can even freeze the Kong to make a puppy popsicle (best to give this as an outside project). Below is an example of superior stuffing technique:

A couple of simple rules to follow with the Kong: Be sure that the goodies you put into your puppy's Kong are safe for puppies to eat, supervise your puppy while they work on the Kong, and be sure to get the proper sized Kong for your pup. My Kong is a large, because frankly, I am large as well.

Today my Kong was a blue and white "Puppy" Kong. It is slightly more springy and softer than the red or black Kongs. Since I'm not a heavy duty chewer, the Puppy Kong is still OK for me. If your puppy is really into chewing, then the red or black Kongs are good to have around. They also make a purple and white Kong for "senior" dogs.

Here are more suggestions on how to stuff the Kong for your dog: Click here or here

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Niamh said...


Great photo of you working on the Kong! Have you entered the Kong photo contest at I've got to get Barbara to take a picture of me with mine.

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