Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jet is Seven Weeks Old!

Our puppy Jet is now seven weeks old. Along with still being very cute, she is learning more things about the world. This weekend, she went with her litter on an adventure in the car to a farm to see sheep, eat sheep poop and chase some ducks. Fun! They discovered a creek which I'm sure was very exciting. And then rode back another hour in the car. So all the puppies are getting used to traveling and having adventures in the world. Jet still has three more weeks of education with her litter and her mother Dixie before she comes to live with us. Jenn is re-reading all her puppy books in preparation. Her most favorite is one you have heard me talk about many times. Dr. Dunbar's "Before and After You Get Your Puppy" which tells you step by step how to set up an errorless housetraining/cratetraining routine, how to get your puppy addicted to the proper types of chew toys, and most importantly, how to socialize your puppy in the world so they grow up to be confident, adaptable adult dogs. Dr. Dunbar is very cool because you can download these books from his website for FREE.
Just go here.


Unknown said...

What a cute girl! I'm sure you can't wait to have her in your family :)

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wolfy said...

I can't wait to meet her!