Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jet is Six Weeks Old!

The clock is ticking and our new puppy Jet is now six weeks old and growing up fast. She has already learned some basic commands and at six weeks old, she is entering a very important developmental stage where she learns species specific behaviors. In other words, how to be a dog. Jet is learning social behaviors by playing and interacting with her litter mates. A particular skill is called bite inhibition. This is how puppies learn to be gentle with their mouths. It is really important for puppies to learn these skills while they play from a very young age. Check out Jet giving her brother the "stink eye"! It's also really important that the puppies are exposed to different objects, noises, and have lots of things to play and walk on. Jet's breeder is providing her with a complex environment so that she will learn to be confident and curious about the world and stimulate brain development.

You can learn more about puppy developmental stages here.


Unknown said...

Jet is growing into a cute pup!
Basic commands already?!? Wow :D

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

omg. she is precious!!!!! i could eat her up!