Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WRAL features the Duke Canine Cognition Center

It is a boring day for dogs! The wind is gusting over 50 miles per hour and it is so cold outside. We're all stuck inside in our beds and Jenn is on the internet. She was thrilled to find a story on the WRAL site about Dr. Brian Hare and the Duke Canine Cognition Center. Dr. Hare studies evolutionary anthropology (whatever that is) and was the keynote speaker at the APDT conference that Jenn went to in October. She got to meet Dr. Hare and thought his work at Duke seemed quite exciting and innovative, studying the canine mind in hopes of learning more about how we think and how we understand human communication. My friend Niamh has already participated in the study and I'm on the wait list to go too. You can read the story by Debra Morgan and see video of the Center here and also learn about how you can participate:

Duke Canine Cognition Center

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Niamh said...

I had an excellent time at Dr. Hare's Center Royal. I hope that you get picked for an experiment. You will have to find treats under cups (very easy, I thought) and the students will make a big fuss over you. Of course it is very important for people to understand how our minds' work and I was happy to help them out.

Ambrose has not been in an experiment yet and I am sure he would mess up all the results.

Your friend,