Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jet takes a trip to Triangle Emergency Clinic

Much more excitement going on. Jet was out in the yard last night and came into the house limping. She held up her front leg and looked very scared. She wouldn't put any weight on the leg and it started to swell. Jenn and Eric rushed her to the Triangle Emergency Clinic in Durham. Jenn was afraid the leg was fractured, or the Jet had been bitten by a snake. The vet shaved Jet's foot and found bruises on her toes. They also took an x-ray to make sure nothing was fractured. Jet was very cooperative and wanted to lick everyone's faces (even though she was really hurting). The xray showed that nothing was fractured or broken. Whew!So Jet has to take it easy for a few days. This means no romping around and being calm and quiet. HA! We'll see how long that lasts. Jenn says that we really have to try to keep Jet from racing around. She could have tendon damage if she overdoes it. Her foot needs time to heal. Jenn's doing tiny TTouches with the tips of her fingers all over the foot and leg, to help with the healing process and giving Jet the homeopathic remedy Arnica to help with swelling and bruising. She should be OK by this weekend.

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Diane B said...

I use arnica gel for myself, but I didn't know until I saw this post that I could give it to my dog. I'm adopting and bringing home a wonderful boy in a month or so, and I'm trying to learn all I can when it comes to preventative and more natural treatments. Did you put an arnica gel on Jet's paw or is it administered differently for dogs? Thank you for having such a helpful blog!