Monday, September 13, 2010

My 3rd Birthday Party!

Can you believe that I am almost three years old? And I got a special early birthday party this year. It turned out to be a very nice sunny day for a dog party in our back yard.
Of course my best girlfriend Mona came and Jet's boyfriend Joey.There's my buddy Ambrose and Trudy the Spinone too.We all got to romp around and play some chase games. Then hang out in the shade with our humans.Jet and I kept our eyes on everything.We also all got special birthday bandannas from Jenn's Mom from Jing-A-Ling Dog Bandannas. Bernie always looks handsome and surprisingly, Jet took a little nap during the party.Even Big Sandy came out to party. I wanted to share my party with her. I know she hasn't felt well lately. She's always tired and doesn't want to leave her bed most of the time. Jenn promised her a big piece of cake. Speaking of cake...The grand finale of my birthday is always getting to eat my birthday cake. Jenn made my cake before the party and I just knew it was for me. It is carrot and vegetable cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum! I was licking my lips thinking about how good it was going to taste. And it was so good. Everyone (dogs that is) got to eat my cake.Whew! Then we all needed a break. Partying can really take it out of you. Anyway, I had a great day. Thanks to all my doggie friends and their humans for helping me celebrate!
You can make a doggie birthday cake for your dog with these recipes:
Dog Birthday Cake Recipes


Steph said...

Happy Birthday Royal! That cake is too cute and so are you!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a really great birthdayparty, and that's a really beautiful cake! Hope you enjoyed your party, and Happy belated Birthday!